Solar Box For Sale

This page explains the details of you paying me to build a solar box for you. Frankly, I am very busy building my house in the desert, so I will not be able to produce the instructional DVD for many months. However, I realize there may be survivalists and preppers who need emergency power now or very soon and cannot undertake making their own units. These people want to get the best value for their money, and I believe my box delivers that.

If there is enough interest, I will build solar compact generator boxes for those in need, with the following conditions:

1. Material costs - about $550 - must be paid in cash in advance by those wanting a box, so I can begin work. I make no profit on components, and anyone interested can see the list of materials, sources and prices. I have sourced the best-rated (not most expensive) components for these boxes. My own box is in constant use for several months and performs flawlessly.

2. The balance - $445 - must be paid before pickup of the finished box.

3. No shipping; local orders and pickup only. Local means Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley and surrounding communities. These are complex and sensitive units and cannot be shipped (banged around, dropped, damaged). You must arrange pickup of your completed unit.

4. No warranty of any kind. I am not like megabuck Sears or Wal Mart, so I cannot accept returns (and absorb the costs) after someone is careless and cooks the inverter or short-circuits the batteries and starts a fire or melts components. The unit will be working perfectly upon pickup. Its operation will be explained and detailed in a printed user 'manual'. Buyer takes all responsibility for the unit after pickup, including use, maintenance and repairs if any.

5. There is considerable power in these DC batteries, similar to the one in your vehicle, and they must be treated with respect and care. The inverter is 500 Watts of household electricity - enough to cause harm if misused or abused or treated carelessly. Buyer takes all responsibility for the consequences of using this solar box and agrees to hold the maker (myself) harmless in case of accident, damage to persons or property or death.

If you want me to build you a solar box, and these conditions are agreeable to you, please contact me using the form here.


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