Here are some photos of the development of the first two prototypes.

 ww  Most of the components of the Solar Compact Generator in one place.
 solar box build  Removing the junction box on the back of solar panels so they will stack.
 solar gen build  Replacing the diode.
 solar panel  Applying glue to velcro for the batteries.
 battery  Batteries now have velcro, so they will stick to the bottom of the box.
 batt  Riveting hinges to the solar panels so they fold like an accordion.
 batts  Input socket for the solar panel array.
 glue  Solar Panel cable and plug inserted into the socket.
 ggg  Making holes for the DC output sockets.
 yyy  Moving the indicator lights on the inverter to the front so they can be seen.
 hh  Mounting the DC output panel. Left and right are DC sockets, center is a voltage meter.
 tt  The blue outlet is for AC out from the inverter.
 ff  Batteries and inverter placed in the box more or less where they will be.
 ss  Experimenting with a few items that need homes in the box, like the circuit breaker, charge controller and second voltage meter.
 ee  Mounting the DC circuit toggle switch.
 rr  Adding adhesive aluminum foil as a liner to protect from EMP.
 ww  Foil from the cover wraps over the lip to contact the foil on the bottom to complete the circuit.
 ii  Locations for the inverter (left) and the batteries protrude from the lining. Bottom of the photo shows the DC outlets from the inside, with the toggle switch above the outlets.
 aa  Minor surgery on the inverter. It was necessary to move the LED indicators to the front, as well as install a new switch, plus wire the outlets in the box directly to the inverter, bypassing the original outlets, which were inaccessible.





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