NEW: Solar Compact Generator for Emergency Power

The black box and solar panels you see at the top of this page are a new creation, designed to provide emergency power to a large variety of small appliances, including:

1. Battery Chargers
2. Radios / Walkie Talkies
3. Lights and Lanterns
4. Cell Phones / Cameras
5. Blender / Juicer
6. Laptops / Tablets
7. CD and DVD Players / MP3 Players
8. Soldering Iron
9. Cordless Drill
10. and many more

The solar panels fold up like an accordion and fit inside the box. The box, which contains everything needed for emergency power, can be carried in one hand, stored in the trunk of your car or in the garage and will be ready to keep you powered through any disaster, even if it lasts for months or years. How? It can be recharged easily in sunlight.

Features of the Solar Compact Generator:

1. Five Solar Panels @ 10 Watts each for a total charging power of 50 Watts.
2. Two 18 Ah 12 Volt sealed lead-acid Batteries for a total power storage of 36 Ah.
3. One 30A Charge Controller to take solar panel output and charge the battery bank.
4. One 500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter to convert 12V DC to 110V AC.
5. Two 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Outlets, one with two USB Outlets.
6. Two 110V AC Outlets (identical to house wall sockets).
7. Two Voltage Meters, to show the state of charge of the Battery Bank.
8. One 100A Circuit Breaker between the Battery Bank and the Inverter.
9. One 30A Fuse between the Battery Bank and the DC Outlets.
10. A small space inside for AA battery charger, USB lamp, multi-meter, etc.
11. Strong, durable plastic case holds everything and weighs about 50lbs complete.
12. Heavy duty aluminum foil lining to protect from EMP wave.

How the Solar Compact Generator Works:

If the battery bank is fully charged, there is no need to use the solar panels, however, it is possible to unfold them and set them in sunlight while the battery bank is powering something. That way, the batteries are being charged at the same time they are being used.

If 12V DC power is required, simply flick the toggle switch near the handle and there is now power to the DC outlets. You can plug in anything that would normally plug into a cigarette lighter, or you can use one or both of the USB 5V outlets to power or charge a cell phone, tablet, MP3 player and so on.

For normal house current at 110V AC, flick the toggle switch on the face of the inverter, see the light confirm it is on and then plug any household appliance rated at 500W or less into one of the AC outlets on the side of the case. This is where you would plug, for example, your AC adapter for your laptop or inkjet printer. Both can be powered at one time.

You can even charge your vehicle battery with this unit. In an emergency, if your vehicle battery is dead, you can use the Solar Compact Generator's battery bank to jump start your vehicle. And, with the addition of a small AC to 12V DC adapter, you can recharge the battery bank from your wall socket, such as when there is no sunlight.


Materials total about $550. To put that in perspective, a similar unit with a 'tactical' name will cost you about $1600. The main differences are a 1000W inverter and a 50Ah battery. The extra Ah in the battery is a plus, compared to my unit's 36Ah, about a 39% increase in storage. However, the inverter, coupled to such a comparitively small battery, is probably a waste, because you will never plug appliances drawing a total of 1000W into such a small power source. 1000W inverters are what you might find in a house with a large battery bank with hundreds of Amp hours. So one plus and one minus, it evens out.

If you build your own Solar Compact Generator, you will save some money over ready-made units. There is considerable labor involved, and it is of a technical nature.

If you want me to make you a unit like mine, total cost will be $995, which is about $500 less than comparable units today. I am currently building an off-grid home in the desert and am quite busy trying to get the roof on before the heat of summer, but I will return to town to build solar boxes like mine if there is interest.

If the grid goes down right now, for whatever reason, will you have power for your essential electronic and electrical appliances and equipment - lights, radio, night-vision (NVD), GPS, laptop or tablet, etc.? Can you recharge your batteries?

Here's the big advantage of the Solar Compact Generator:

It's all you require to power just about anything you will need in an emergency or survival situation. You won't be using your microwave or dishwasher, or your electric heater or stove, but you can power all of your essential gear for as long as you need to, even if the power never comes back on!

If the Solar Compact Generator interests you, and you want to know more, please contact me.

A how-to instructional DVD will be offered very soon on this web site. More information here.



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